Jeffery St. Rose (Wizard Azanon)
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Starseed Oracle is a powerful tool for the new Aquarian Age.  Created to assist in connecting with multidimensional realms and star civilizations, it guides one on the path of Ascension and Spiritual Mastery, initiating energetic enhancements and upgrades in consciousness through the transmission of light codes in the images that activate processes of expansion.  Arranged in nine categories of nine cards each, this comprehensive system awakens the imagination needed for deep self-discovery, by summoning the wonders within to arouse creative insights and dynamic awareness, evoking magical and meaningful journeys into the unlimited self.




Jesse Dujari takes us on a beautifully moving and deeply heartfelt journey through several cards in my Starseed Oracle deck.
It is a truly amazing and magical experience to watch this video and feel the energies as she guides the flow in such divine and intuitive ways.
Watch, listen, feel, and be transformed!