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Ascension Activations I


Everything in the Universe is alive with its own unique consciousness.  The Cosmos is full of deep wisdom and magic.  This is a time in Earth’s magnificent evolution where we are breaking free of a self-shadowed sleepiness and evolving into our true luminescence.    

In this emergence, we are lifting into a new way of being, understanding more fully the creation around us as well as inside us, for truly there is no separation.  During this time of transition on Earth, I have been given specific energy activations to assist in this awakening.

These activations are designed to connect and activate certain chakras and energy points that have been disconnected and deactivated in order to experience this third dimensional reality.  They work in a personal way to accelerate movement upon one’s own enlightening path. 

I channel the energy for the activations from various stars and planets.  During meditation I astral travel and connect with these cosmic bodies, learning the method and words used in order to perform each activation to assist people in ascending while still remaining on Earth in body. 


1. Awakening to Source:

From the planet Uranus, this activation begins a clearing process and helps establish a connection to an individual’s own core light and inner essence.  The words used for this activation mean “I awaken you to your own source.”  Uranus is known as the Great Awakener.

2. Lightbody Activation:

This activation is from an ascended white dwarf star in the Andromedan system named Irradius.  The energy is channeled into the pineal gland, which then sends it into the bone marrow in order to transmute the bone marrow into a light substance and begin the lightbody process.

3. Heart Chakra Activation:

Given to me by Alcyone, the beautiful central star in the Pleiades system.  The deep energy of Alcyone opens the heart chakra to a more vast and vibrant love, helping one embody and express this expanded spectrum of love.

4. Sacred Geometry Installation:

More of an installation than an activation, the energy from the star Sirius B installs sacred geometry into a person’s aura in order to enhance and expand the aura and further prepare one for lightbody.  May also awaken latent gifts a person has but is currently not using.

5. Solar Plexus Activation: 

Also from the planet Uranus, this activation opens the solar plexus chakra to allow in more light to assist and guide one in taking action based upon true heart-centered power and creating from a place of emotional clarity.

6. Pineal Gland Activation:

From the star Mintaka in the Belt of Orion, this energy activates the pineal gland. On a physical level when it is fully functioning it repairs the body and makes it whole. On a spiritual level it creates a clear channel to The One.

7. Throat Chakra Activation:

Sourced by the planet Neptune, this activation opens and clears the throat chakra to assist in the speaking of one’s own truth, healing and manifesting through sound.

8. Third Eye Activation:

Again from the planet Uranus, this activation opens one’s interdimensional sight.  It awakens one to clearer vision during meditation and astral travel, as well as to seeing energy and accessing one’s own intuition more clearly.

9. Crown Chakra Activation:

This activation from the star Elektra in the Pleiades opens the crown chakra to new and higher levels of communicating and receiving energies, expanding one’s connection with other dimensions, while also bringing the other activations together in harmonic completion.


All activations must be received in order, as they work to build an energetic foundation.  Each activation works with an individual in an ongoing process and at one’s own pace.  The recommended number of activations received at any one time is two or three, in order to allow the space for each person to fully absorb and integrate the energies.   The Heart Chakra Activation is usually performed by itself.



The price per activation is set by the recipient, using a scale between $35-$75.

If you are interested in receiving any of the activations, please contact me:


Jeffery St. Rose