Jeffery St. Rose (Wizard Azanon)
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Ascension Activations II


Expanding further inward, this second set of nine activations is designed to amplify one’s carrying capacity of light and love, taking one into the next level of personal evolution.  

Included in this set of nine are two activations centered around holding and expressing Divine Feminine energy, which is much needed on Earth at this time since the beauty and truth of the Goddess has been lost and forgotten by so many. 

Culminating with an activation to align one with the Galactic Center, Divine Will and the Higher Self to achieve one’s ultimate purpose, these energies are truly set to attune one in being of the highest use to the Universe in joy and fulfillment. 

In opening to the sacred acceleration of our own unique path, I pray we can all be in peace together through this time of grand awakening. 

I channel the energy for these activations from various stars and planets, including Earth’s Moon.  Through astral travel I have connected with these cosmic bodies, learning the method and words used in order to perform each activation to assist people in ascending while still remaining on Earth in body. 


1. Foot Chakra Activation:

From our own Mother Earth, this activation grounds and profoundly solidifies one’s connection to the Earth in a deeper and more rooted relationship.

2. Palm Chakra Activation:

Excellent for touch-healers, this activation from the star Arcturus activates the hands in order to channel greater amounts of energy and awaken the sense of touch to multifaceted levels of love.

3. Lunar Cauldron Activation:

Given to me by Luna, Earth’s beloved moon, this activation opens and activates the Lunar Cauldron, a space just below the neck, which is a vessel or chalice for holding and carrying the energies of the Divine Feminine more completely within one’s body.

4. High Heart Chakra Activation:

This energy from the planet Venus activates the High Heart chakra to assist one in the outward expression of the Divine Feminine energies, as well as helping the thymus gland more fully regulate the immune system.

5. Well of Dreams Chakra Activation: 

From the star Driasonium, known as the Dream Star of Andromeda, this activation opens the Well of Dreams chakra (located in the back of the head) in order to more successfully bring information back from the dream state, and for enhanced dream recall and understanding.  In addition, it allows the transition between waking consciousness and dream state to be more fluid and seamless.

6. Clairaudience Chakra Activation:

This activation from the planet Uranus opens the clairaudience chakras located behind the ear lobes to assist one in hearing multi-dimensionally the sounds, frequencies, and guidance particular to one’s own path.

7. Pituitary Gland Activation:

Sourced by Earth’s Sun, this activation assists one in processing solar flare energy, as well as the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and also enhances the body’s capacity to run more expanded energies through its system.

8. Hypothalamus Gland Activation:

From the star Maia, this energy activates the hypothalamus to assist one in balancing the masculine and feminine energies, as well as helping one maintain balance within all four bodies: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

9. Skull Cap Chakra Activation:

This activation from the star Alnilam aligns one with the Galactic Center, Divine Will, one’s Higher Self and ultimate purpose and potential, while also bringing all eighteen activations together in full harmonic completion. 


All activations must be received in order, as they build an energetic foundation.  Each activation works with an individual in an ongoing process and at one’s own pace.  The recommended number of activations received at any one time is two, in order to allow the space for each person to fully absorb and integrate the energies.   



The price per activation is set by the recipient, using a scale between $35-$75.

If you are interested in receiving any of the activations, please contact me:


Jeffery St. Rose