Jeffery St. Rose (Wizard Azanon)
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Ascension Activations IV


Everything we feel and perceive is coloured by our consciousness.  By expanding our consciousness, we are able to understand and access energies and potentials outside the usual spectrums of Earth.

This set of nine Activations, given to me by the Azuma Wizard Council, works to expand the energy field and awaken greater awareness by activating points and processes in order to further embody higher dimensional frequencies and knowledge.

These Activations assist in moving people inward into their own depths of growth and soul-gifts to truly give  and live from a more expanded place of being in love and truth.

In opening to the sacred acceleration of our own unique path, I pray we can all be in peace together through this time of grand awakening.

I channel the energy for these Activations from members of the Galactic Council, Archangels and Ascended Masters.  Through meditation and astral travel I have connected with these beings, learning the method and words used in order to perform each Activation to assist people in ascending while still remaining on Earth in body.


1. Soul Star Chakra Activation:
This energy activates the Chakra of Timeless Wonder and personal soul magic to enhance the self’s owning of its own transcendence.  The Soul Star is a stellar gateway through which very high frequency light, the light of Metatron, flows.  This light will super activate psychic abilities.  The colour of this Chakra is pearl-white.  When fully activated, it will fill the body with a profound sense of love, wisdom and power, leaving the person in a newfound sense of peace.

2. Equalizer Activation:
This Activation equalizes the ratio of body and soul to create a stable and harmonic synthesis of both the physical and non-physical for the balance of being one part Heaven, one part Earth.

3. Serpent of Fire Activation:
This energy awakens the Kundalini through all the Chakras, activating the Cord of Fire between the base of the spine and the skull for a profound awakening of the True Self.

4. Cocoon of Love Activation:
The energy from this Activation creates a Cocoon of Love to assist one in maintaining embodiment in the integrity of self-love, making a safe and sacred space in which to manifest the soul’s continuous birthing.

5. Stargate of the Heart Activation:
This Activation opens a multidimensional stargate in the heart for greater universal energies of love, light, joy and fulfillment to flow through in expansive ways, assisting one in being cosmichearted.

6. The Fluid of Continuance Activation:
This energy activates the cosmic properties of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) to balance and stabilize the brain and to maintain full body ease during dimensional shifts.

7. Atoms of Adamantine Activation:
Activation fully charges the body’s atoms with the Adamantine particles of crystalline divinity
for interdimensional travel and embodying higher states of physicality. 

8. Breath from the Tree of Life Activation:
This Activation
assists one in naturally embodying and living the principles and energies of the Kabbalah,
a path of spiritual realization and equilibrium, connecting the heart and the head, helping one to feel fully grounded, yet flying.

9. Halo Activation:
Activation completely infuses the receiver with Christ Consciousness, assisting one to live in pure love and deep peace,
connecting in oneness with All That Is through the golden energies of one’s personal halo of divine light and life force.


All Activations must be received in order, as they build an energetic foundation.  Each Activation works with an individual in an ongoing process and at one’s own pace.  The recommended number of Activations received at any one time is one, in order to allow the space for each person to fully absorb and integrate the energies. 



The price per activation is set by the recipient, using a scale between $35-$75.

If you are interested in receiving any of the activations, please contact me:


Jeffery St. Rose