Jeffery St. Rose (Wizard Azanon)
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Ascension Activations III


Luminescing into a new way of being, we change our reality from the inside out, embodying that which we wish to sustain and create in our physical existence. 

Wholeness and integration are the key elements involved for this third and final set of nine Activations, reconnecting vital processes needed in order to fully attain Lightbody, such as the retrieval of all lost soul parts and detached aspects, as well as unifying the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within the self, opening the gateway between the brain’s two hemispheres, and awakening the crystalline matrix of the skull so that we may begin to function and create from a true place of self-actualized unity and cohesion.       

In opening to the sacred acceleration of our own unique path, I pray we can all be in peace together through this time of grand awakening.

I channel the energy for these Activations from members of the Galactic Council, Archangels and Ascended Masters.  Through meditation and astral travel I have connected with these beings, learning the method and words used in order to perform each Activation to assist people in ascending while still remaining on Earth in body. 


1. The Bolt of Quickening:

This activation from the Galactic Council member Zolthrius is designed to lift and lessen the veils, quicken consciousness and balance electrical energy in the body.

2. Lightness of Gravity Activation:

From the Galactic Council Member Mariatha, this activation lightens the force and center of gravity in the body (located in the Heart Chakra) to lessen density, as well as balances one’s magnetic energy.

3. Wholeness Activation:

Given by Archangel Gabriel, this activation is designed to retrieve and integrate all lost soul parts and detached aspects of self in order to move one into a more complete wholeness.  This activation is performed by itself.  A purification ritual is recommended after receiving it, so as to assist one in loving and purifying all returned aspects and energies.   

4. Peace of Mind Activation:

From Archangel Raziel, this activation creates a natural state of rest and centering in the mind, much like Zero-Point energy, or the mystical No-Mind state, which holds a space of calm potential and creation, in order to bring the self into mental balance wherein one may achieve homeostasis and live and create from a place of potent internal peace and presence.

5. Weaving into Oneness Activation: 

This activation from the Galactic Council Members Zolthrius and Mariatha is for the express purpose of integrating and fusing the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine together within the self. 

6. Gateway Activation:

This activation from Archangel Metatron opens the gateway between the two hemispheres of the brain, fusing them together for more cohesive connection and communication, balancing the infinite and the finite within the body.  

7. Soul Stare Activation:

This energy from Archangel Raphael activates the eyes to send out more radiant light, love and soul-force energies. 

8. Cave of Brahma Activation:

From the Ascended Masters, this energy opens and activates the seat of resonance with All That Is, often called the Cave of Brahma, which is a multidimensional frequency chamber in the brain that houses the “master glands” of the endocrine system: the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus, and acts as a sacred vessel for accessing and translating the sacred impulses of  Cosmic Oneness, the I Am. 

9. Crystal Skull Activation:

From the Galactic Council, this energy activates the skull’s crystalline matrix in order to fully accept, process and embody the higher multidimensional frequencies and consciousness necessary to shift the entire physical system.


All activations must be received in order, as they build an energetic foundation.  Each activation works with an individual in an ongoing process and at one’s own pace.  The recommended number of activations received at any one time is one, in order to allow the space for each person to fully absorb and integrate the energies.  



The price per activation is set by the recipient, using a scale between $35-$75.

If you are interested in receiving any of the activations, please contact me:


Jeffery St. Rose