Jeffery St. Rose (Wizard Azanon)



Crystal Body Activations


The next levels of energies after the 4th set of Ascension Activations are both the Crystal Body Activations and the Ka Body Activations.  One must have already had the first four sets of 9 Ascension Activations (36) total, in order to receive these new levels.  It seems to work best to alternate between the two, beginning with the first Crystal Body Activation, and then the first Ka Body Activation at another time, and so on in this order.


Received from the Andalucian Wizard Council in the Andromedan Galaxy, these nine Activations

--Activate the crystals in the DNA and aura

--Heal and prepare the physical body for the 4th dimension

--Enhance communication between all parts of the body

--Clear residual 3rd dimensional densities and distortions

--Clarify and crystallize the aura in its many layers and functions


Additional Information from our Spirit Guide Cezanne, through Billy:

 The layers of the aura are just being learned here on this plane.  There are layers that help filter and modulate the energies one is receiving, another layer that filters light coming into oneís field, and other that is a personís connection to Earth, another that keeps one in touch with the universal core, or center, as well as several others with additional functions.


Ka Body Activations


Received from Archangel Metatron, these nine Activations


--Activate each of the nine layers of the Ka Body (Spiritual Body)

--Connect one in unusual and profound ways to Source

--Increase Light in oneís spiritual body

--Provide greater access to oneís multidimensional spiritual gifts

--Amplify energetic sensitivities and perceptions

--Expand oneís capacities to embody and express more refined Light


Additional Information from our Spirit Guide Cezanne, through Billy:

The first layer of the Ka Body is the most powerful, physically, because of its contact with the skin of the physical body.  The first Ka Body Activation will, in the end, help support the bodyís physical processes, though in the beginning may appear to be upsetting to the physical body, ultimately it will smooth out and support the body.  It will also balance out the water in the body, allowing the water to flow more smoothly throughout the body.  It will also mellow the electrical connection between the body and the etheric electrical grids, causing a clearer understanding of the flow of the Universe.